About Us

Who We Are

Supreme Logistics Solutions Pvt Ltd is a company which is now in its 2nd generation, with over 40 years of experience in providing transportation, storage and logistics services.

We have a strong reputation in our field for offering stellar customer service at competitive prices and our highly trained staff, modern facilities and technologically advanced management systems means that we are a company that combines traditional values with modern delivery.

Our large site and dedicated vehicle fleet enable us to provide a broad range of logistical services and specialist capabilities.

All the Sites provide secure warehouse storage space and bulk storage facilities, while our specialist equipment and dedicated fleet enable us to store, transport and handle a range of goods.

The site and vehicles are equipped with a full suite of tracking and security measures which ensures our customers have peace of mind that their goods are being transported, handled and stored safely and securely.

Our staff are expert at understanding your logistical requirements and formulating a bespoke service which allows our customers to deliver their business outcomes in a cost effective and efficient way.

What We Do

40 years of experience including, but not limited to an in depth knowledge of distribution, Supply Chain Management, & Warehousing.

Why We Do It Better

Speed of execution without compromising quality of deliverables,including ongoing cycle counts and regular stock audits.

How We Succeed

Experienced & knowledgeable leadership team empowered by data based decision making,supply chain management for SLSPL

Our Team

Mr.Sandeep Agarwal
Mr.Sandeep Agarwal
Managing Director